Security Camera Services

At NYC Intercom We offer comprehensive security camera services, including installation, maintenance, and repair, throughout New York City. We cater to both residential and commercial premises, providing tailor-made solutions that meet your unique security needs with a wide range of high-end security camera systems.

Residential Security Cameras:

As a building owner, management company, or contractor, the safety and security of your residential properties are crucial. Our residential security camera systems enhance the safety of your tenants and streamline the management process. From multi-family buildings to apartment complexes, the latest technology indoor and outdoor camera systems provide comprehensive coverage of your property, deter potential intruders, and manage access control. Our professional technicians handle installation, routine maintenance, and timely repairs to ensure your security camera system is always operating at optimal capacity.

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Commercial Security Cameras:

Our commercial security camera solutions are designed to meet the unique security needs of businesses of all sizes. From small retail outlets to large corporations, we equip your business premises with the latest in surveillance technology to deter potential threats, protect your assets, and ensure the safety of your employees. Our commercial security camera systems can be integrated with other security measures for complete coverage of your business premises.

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Installation And Repair:

At NYC Intercom Security Solutions, we not only install your security camera systems but also provide comprehensive maintenance and repair services. Our team of skilled technicians are always ready to ensure your systems are functioning at their optimal capacity. If your security cameras need adjustment, repair, or replacement, our team can handle it promptly and efficiently

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Range Of High-End Security Camera Systems

We take pride in offering a broad spectrum of security camera types, each crafted to meet distinct surveillance needs. Delve into our varied range:

  • Analog Cameras - Our traditional analog cameras are a cost-effective solution, seamlessly integrating with existing CCTV systems.
  • IP Cameras - Experience superior image quality and remote monitoring with our digital IP cameras, featuring smart analytics and two-way audio communication.
  • Wireless Cameras  - Opt for flexibility with our wireless cameras, offering easy installation and remote access in a clutter-free setup.
  • PTZ Cameras - Cover expansive areas effortlessly with our Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras, allowing remote directional and zoom control.
  • Outdoor & Indoor Cameras - Our rugged outdoor cameras withstand the elements while our sleek indoor cameras provide discreet surveillance without compromising on aesthetics.
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